About Liitu Education

Liitu Education started out as a collective of like-minded Finnish teachers. We work closely with technology and new innovations and have been able to train our colleagues in how to bring these new methods in their classrooms. Our mission is to bring this expertise to a European platform, and give you an authentic experience of education from a Finnish perspective! All our trainers are teachers with years of teaching experience and master’s degrees in their field, and our workshops are carefully modeled after the new Finnish national curriculum. Our aim is to use this experience to empower teachers and other school personnel in their professional development. We offer first-rate opportunities for professional growth by offering authentic, first-hand experiences of the Finnish school system, innovative workshops as well as memorable experiences in Finnish nature and culture. Our focus is on the 21st Century teacher; New, innovative pedagogical methods, technology and perspectives on teaching are needed in a changing educational landscape.

Our Team


Mikko Laitinen

With students, Mikko spends his days trying out new, innovative methods in his language and technology classroom. His work also includes teacher training and support with a focus on technology and new innovations, tech management and administration, as well as international projects. He holds a Master’s degree in English and Education, and is working towards a Master’s degree in the field of educational technology.


Tiina Laitinen

Ever the creative spirit, Tiina has years of experience in design, arts education and approaching problems with an innovative and personal touch. For her Master’s degree in Arts, she studies creativity and the creative process, so she has an idea on how creative thinking happensShe currently teaches arts in secondary education with a strong focus in experience based learning and up to date digital tools and methods.


Jani Piiroinen

An award-winning math and physics teacher with passion for technology, Jani is interested in individual, personalized and flipped learning and has been working with these methods in his classroom for years. Jani has a Master’s degree in Science, and his specialties also include Project Based Learning, personalized learning paths, making instructional videos, and phenomenon based learning.