I, Robot- Programming and robotics in education

Coding is an essential skill in the 21st century. Once our students enter the workforce, coding and robotics will be an essential part of most of their professional lives. We as teachers have a responsibility to address that need. That is why coding has been integrated into the Finnish national curriculum as an essential skill to be taught already at primary level. Coding and robotics are great tools to develop logical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills.  This course will focus on bringing you the tools needed to introduce coding and simple coding robots into your classroom. During the course we will:

  • Familiarize  ourselves with different robots and coding languages
  • Think about the pedagogical applications of programming
    • How it is applied in the Finnish curriculum
    • challenges and practical applications of teaching programming
  • Take a look into developing Maker Culture in your institution
  • Get hands-on practise with our practise robots
  • Create a personal programming experiment that you will take with you to try with your students

No previous experience on programming required!

Duration: 5 Days (Mon-Fri)


Course fee: 350€ per participant. (70€/day, covered by the “course fee” portion of your KA1- grant)
Administrative fee: 130€ per participant.
(covered by the “Organisational support” portion of your KA1- grant)

Ask for group discount for groups of 4+


  • Course materials and activities
  • Airport/railway station pick-up and drop off to your hotel

Not included:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food

These expenses are covered by  “Individual Support” and “Travel costs” in your Erasmus grant

Course dates

**Courses canceled due to Covid. We will resume courses in 2022 ***