Where do ideas come from? –Innovation and  creativity in the classroom

Innovation and creativity as the central tools of a teacher. 

The aim of this course is to develop your creative muscle!  With a focus on creative learning, this course challenges you yo think and approach problems in new ways, thus creating new ideas. The course will go over tools and settings for creative thinking that are directly applicable to the classroom. These include:

  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Steps of the creative process
  • Multi-disciplinary learning, as implemented in the new Finnish National curriculum.

You will go over useful tools, methods and share best practices. But even more importantly, you will gain hands-on experience and develop your skills by working in groups, and creating your own project or teaching experiment. In the course we will approach topics in a concrete way and look at ways to make the course work relate to your personal project.

Duration: 5 Days (Mon-Fri)


Course fee: 350€ per participant. (70€/day, covered by the “course fee” portion of your KA1- grant)
Administrative fee: 130€ per participant.
(covered by the “Organisational support” portion of your KA1- grant)

Ask for group discount for groups of 4+


  • Course materials and activities
  • Airport/railway station pick-up and drop off to your hotel

Not included:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food

These expenses are covered by  “Individual Support” and “Travel costs” in your Erasmus grant

Day 1

Introductions, schedules, an overview of the week and getting to know everyone. Individual presentations and discussion on the course topics. A short introduction on the topics of creativity and innovation and how they are being applied in the Finnish education system.

Day 2

Group work, discussions and exercises on  different methods of creative thinking

Day 3

Benchmarking day. Getting to know the Finnish education system. School visit/Q&A with local headmaster. Continue with workshops

(School visit  can not be guaranteed  for all dates.)

Day 4

Learn in nature. Leisurely activities in a natural setting. A trip to the lake or the forest to see how teaching can be taken outside of the classroom.

Day 5

Project presentations, wrap-up. Diplomas and farewells.

*Schedules and workshops are subject to change

Course dates

**Courses canceled due to Covid. We will resume courses in 2022 ***


Ever the creative spirit, Tiina has years of experience in design, arts education and approaching problems with an innovative and personal touch. For her Master’s degree in Arts, she studies creativity and the creative process, so she has an idea on how creative thinking happens. She currently teaches arts in secondary education with a strong focus in experience based learning and up to date digital tools and methods.